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5 things You Can Do in the Morning to Set Up for a Successful Day

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I did a little experiment a few weeks ago to try to improve my sleep.

I’ve actually been on a bit of a sleep kick lately with the wellness stuff I research, so I’ve been way more active in making sure I get a good night’s sleep and practice other rituals to have a well-rested day in which I never have that mid-day crash.

When I’m going about my day and I crash, it makes me so annoyed with myself because it means that I did something wrong. But these days, I’ve been a lot better about listening to my body that I usually know exactly why I’m having that crash and I just make a mental note to not do it the next day and see if that helps.

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These are a few things I’ve been doing lately which help me have a productive slump-free day (almost) every day and I hope they help you out too!

1. Lay out your clothes the night before

Whenever I don’t do this, I feel like I’m way more lazy in the morning. I usually work out early in the morning and like to get as much sleep as possible before heading to the gym. so I want to maximize my time as much as possible. To do this, I always lay out my gym outfit the night before. It seems dumb, but you would be surprised at how much time it saves!

You can also do this with your work clothes if you need to go straight to work super early in the morning, or if you just like sleeping in!

2. Meal prep your lunches, dinners and breakfasts (if you don’t have time to have breakie at home)

In case you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of meal prep! It saves so much time and so much money! But especially time! whenever people tell me that they spend 2 hours every time making dinner and that’s why they end up going out or ordering in, I tell them to meal prep. I’ve got it down so that I only take 1-2 hours (depending on how much I’m making) on Sunday mornings and I make lunches and dinners for the entire week.

By prepping your dinners, you have less work to do at night, which means you have more time to relax, practice some self-care, read, and get to bed early!

By prepping your lunches in advance, you also save time the night before or the next morning because everything is already ready!

For breakfast, if you need to be at work early and want to take your meal on-the-go, prepping some egg muffins, chia pudding, or overnight oats is a great idea for something that you can easily grab from the fridge and go! Another option is pre-making some ziplock bags with smoothie ingredients and just throwing everything in your vitamix or nutribullet in the morning. Super easy!

3. No screens at least one hour before bed time + get at least 7 hours of sleep

Now for the actual sleeping part! I go more into it in this post but basically artificial blue light is very bad for you, especially when you’re looking at it right before bed. If you stop screen exposure about an hour before you want to go to bed, you’ll be surprised at how much your sleep quality will increase.

Also, it seems obvious but try to get at least 7 hours of sleep. But also use that as a bas and listen to your body to determine exactly how many hours you need. For me its 7-8 hours but I know some people are fine with 6 and some people need up to 9.

Having the right amount of hours of sleep is very important to help you have an energetic, successful day ahead of you so try to make it your priority!

4. make the bed

This is a small thing, but making the bed in the morning really makes me feel like I have my shit together and makes me feel like I’ll have a good day. It’s a small task that I can already cross off my list for the day and makes me feel like I’ve already accomplished something. I guess it sets the mood for a successful day of getting things done!

5. have a lemon water + drink at least 2 glasses of water as soon as you get up

I have a whole post about lemon water on here, and it’s not for no reason that it has its own post! When I don’t start my day with lemon water, I can really tell a difference. It gives me energy, starts up my metabolism, and gets everything moving – inside and out.

I also like to have at least 2 glasses of water right when I wake up to make sure I’m sufficiently hydrated for the day. I drink a ton of water throughout the day as well because hydration is key! Especially when it comes to staying awake. Sometimes you might be tired just because you’re dehydrated! Who knew?!

bonus tip: eat within 90 minutes of waking up and don’t have caffeine on an empty stomach in order to regulate cortisol levels

Having irregular cortisol levels can really ruin your blood sugar levels throughout the day. And that can lead to you having that mid-day crash. It’s important to maintain balanced blood sugar levels and a big way to do this is to keep your cortisol regular.

Your cortisol is supposed to be at its highest in the morning and gradually decrease throughout the day until it’s night time and you go to sleep at its lowest point. Eating within 90 minutes of waking up will help get your cortisol up in the morning.

Avoiding having caffeine on an empty stomach will ensure that your cortisol doesn’t spike and get out of whack. Also avoiding caffeine after the middle of the day will help maintain even levels.

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I hope you guys try out these tips and they help you be as successful as possible every day! What are other tips you may have to avoid that middle of the day crash? Let me know!


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5 tips to set yourself up for a successful day | the health junkee