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My Pantry Organization Tips

My Pantry Organization Tips

Do you ever get into the mood to just stop and organize your life?! Maybe it’s just me, but ever since I was little I just get into an organizing groove every once in a while. And when I set my mind to it, I need to do it immediately.

A lot of the time, this organizing “attack” will come over me late at night. You know, when you stay up late organizing the closet and going through childhood memories instead of going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep? #JustGirlyThings ✨💁

Whether it’s going through my closet to select clothes to donate, or going through my fridge, cleaning it all out and getting rid of that expired jar of tomato paste at the back of the shelf – I love me a good organization sesh.

A few weeks ago I was inspired when I was looking at a blog post by Alyssa from Simply Quinoa about how she re-organized her whole pantry. I had been wanting to organize my mess of a pantry for a while, so that same week I set out to finally get that done.

I was bored at work, so naturally I spent the entire day looking at the container store website and sketching out – YES I sketched it 🙈 – how my pantry would look.

pantry organization tips | the health junkee

You can see my embarrassing sketch below (kinda proud of it though, TBH). After work, I went to the container store, got ALL the goods and revamped my pantry that same night. Let’s just say I still can’t stop staring at it 😍 Even Michael loves the new system!

When you have a small apartment, #NewYorkProblems , you want to maximize your space as much as possible. And I was not taking advantage of my pantry space! I’ve organized my counter, spices and now my pantry, and will slowly get around to organizing my dishes as well! That’s the next area I’m tackling! But for now I’ll leave you with some before and after pics of my pantry as well as how I organize our vitamins on the counter and our spices on the wall.

Here are my top tips for organizing your own pantry and what I used to organize mine!


The first thing you need to do before anything else is measure EVERYTHING! This is extremely important because you don’t want to go out, buy a bunch of stuff and then nothing fits in your cabinets. Make sure you measure the depth, width and height of all the areas you want to organize. And make sure that you measure the height between each of the shelves, because sometimes they can be slightly different. That’s what happened with me, at least!


Before you go ahead and decide on what you need to get, go through everything that you have/want to organize and take note of what you have. Also take this time to throw away any items that might be expired, or you don’t really use. If it’s something that’s not expired but you also know you won’t eat, donate it! Don’t let that food go to waste!

Make sure you take note of the stuff you have and try to split them up onto sections so it’ll be easier to figure out what kind of containers you’ll need for organizing. For example, I split my things up into baking (flours and sugar), grains (rice, quinoa, beans, pasta, etc.) snacks, oils, adaptogens (like sun potion and moon juice type containers), protein powders, teas, you get the gist!

Plan + Do Your Research

Before you actually go to the store, make sure you look online and write down what you need. My favorite place for getting organization items is the container store, but I looked up things on amazon too. A lot of times Amazon was more expensive, but there were also certain things that the container store didn’t carry. For example, I needed a two-tear lazy susan for one of my shelves and the ones available at the container store were either not the right size, or crazy expensive. So I got this one from Amazon.

You can obviously just order everything from the container store online as well, but I like going there and looking at everything in person before I get it. If you are making a trip to the store, make sure you write down the names and measurements of everything you’re planning on getting so you don’t forget or get the wrong size items.


Once you have all your new organizational goodies, you’re ready to give everything a home! Here are some of the things I got and suggestions for how to use them.

pantry organization tips | the health junkee

For the pantry –

First of all, a label maker! This is a must so that you know what everything is without having to think much about it. I label my mason jars as well as my bins so I know what everything is! Plus it looks cute, so why not? This is the one I use. It’s super cheap and although I love a label maker, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it. This one is the more high-techy one and looks amazing! Getting some chalkboard stickers and chalkboard marker would make really cute labels as well!

I like using bins for things that are hard to keep upright – usually things that come in a bag rather than a jar or box. I also love using bins with a handle so it’s easy to pull out onto the counter, take whatever I need, and then easily put it back.

Probably one of my favorite things that I got is this little organizer for all my travel size packets (i.e. vital proteins collagen packets, matcha packets, coconut aminos, etc.). It’s life changing and saved so much space!!

pantry organization tips before and after | the health junkee
1. handled bins – superfoods, baking, grains (left to right) // 2. lazy susans // 3. glass containers for nuts and grains // 4. travel packet organizer


pantry organization tips before and after | the health junkee
1. double-layered lazy susan for smaller containers // 2. lazy susan for oils and vinegars // 3. tea bag containers // 4. 3-tier shelf for small superfood/adaptogen containers

Lazy Susans are amazing for storing bottles like oils, nut butters, and mason jars full of superfoods.

I already kept grains and powders in labeled mason jars (both 16 and 32 oz ones) before this most recent organization overhaul. I like doing this because it’s easier/less messy to scoop out what I need from a mason jar than from a bag. So for example I’ll have a bag on maca powder in my superfoods basket (on a higher shelf) and use it to refill my mason jar of maca powder which I keep in an easier access area for everyday use. I keep a 64oz jar of maca, chia seeds, and flax seeds on the lowest shelf so I have easy access when I’m making my bulletproof coffee or smoothie in the morning.

For my little superfood powder jars, I used this 3-tier spice rack to avoid stacking the jars on top of each other like I used to. I’ve had way too many accidents where I open up the cabinet and a bunch of stuff fell on me because it was all balanced on top of each other. That won’t ever happen again!

Finally, I am OBSESSED with these tea bag boxes I found. I got two and was able to fit all of my tea into them. My tea used to take up half of the shelf and now it only takes up one fourth! Not only that, I can also now see all of my tea at once. I used to have stuff way in that back that I didn’t even know I had and would never drink.

One final tip is to leave some extra space for the stuff that you’ll end up getting in the future. So get bins that might be a little bigger than what you need right now, and try not to over crowd the shelves with one organizer after the other. Also, really look at the stuff you have and don’t get unnecessary organizers. For example, I didn’t get a bin for my vital proteins stuff that come in tubs, because they’re stackable and don’t have a problem staying upright like the bagged items do. So that would be unnecessary. Ya feel me?!

Counter and Vitamin Organization

pantry organization tips | the health junkee

I didn’t do that much organizing on my counter, but I do always get complements on how I organize our vitamins.

When we first got into vitamins, we would just have a couple bottles on the counter. Super easy to manage. As the collection grew, it began to get out of control and therefore began to give me anxiety. So I needed to find a solution ASAP! In came these little acrylic stackable bins from Amazon. I started with two, and eventually moved on to four. I think I might have to get a couple more shelves soon because we just keep finding new supplements to take!😅

I also need to take a moment to talk about my marble utensil holder, because it’s amazing and really saved me when I was getting all my wedding presents. This was off my registry as well, and as soon as I got it it cleared up my drawers so quick! It’s functional AND pretty. My favorite combo!

Spices + Other

pantry organization tips | the health junkee

Like I mentioned before, my kitchen is tiny. So I took to the walls for more storage space.

For my spices, I used these acrylic spice shelves. They were so easy to put up and hold up all my spices! Love it!

I also stuck some command hooks on the wall, so I could hang up oven mitts and copper measuring cups. Because when you have copper measuring cups you have to display them on the wall, right?🤷

That’s it for my organization so far! I’ll keep you all updated once I finish organizing my dishes too, but hopefully this helped inspire you to do your own organizing!


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pantry organization tips before and after | the health junkee